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July 2, 2010

Emergency call

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What everyone believes?

911 and 112 are Emergency numbers. You can dial it even when your mobile keypad is locked. You can dial it even when you are at a location which is not reachable. When you dial this number, it’ll connect to any network which is available and will call the police or ambulance! Some even believe that it will connect via satellite!

So when ever you are in danger, just dial this no. and you’ll get help!

Have anyone tried this?

All those who believe in what is said in above paragraph would never have tried this.

What is the fact?

911 and 112 doesn’t work in India! Try it yourself. Dial 911 or 112, you’ll get network error message. I tried it from my mobile.

If it wont’ work, then how come everyone is believing it?

This is because; this news is spread via mails! The software engineers have a habit of believing everything which they receive by mails without verifying! They forward it to everyone in their contact list and believes that, by doing so, he has done a great favor to all his “Contact Mates”!

What are the emergency numbers in India?

The emergency no in India are 100 (For police), 108 (For Ambulance) etc. These are free calls. You won’t be charged even when you call from PCO.

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